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Simon dallow dating

The programme is normally broadcast live from an Auckland city studio; however, Dallow often broadcasts live on location for breaking news stories.

He has been a Director (DIRECTOR) of ARDEN MANUFACTURING LIMITED for 9 years, Director (DIRECTOR) of MEARSE HOLDINGS LIMITED for 9 years.

A celebrity household name was arrested and charged with bad behaviour in downtown Auckland – but he has been allowed to keep his identity secret.

The 46-year-old appeared in the Auckland District Court yesterday, but community magistrate Joanna Sihamu granted his request to suppress his name and occupation.

The people I feel sorry for are other 46 year old celebrities like Simon Dallow and John Campbell who are now being smeared by the cowardice of a guy who likes to make out he is tough and ready to go in chosen profession. I just bet his boss isn’t too pleased he used their address, especially as he is on holiday and hardly likely to be there.

Simon Dallow co-hosts ONE News with Wendy Petrie each weeknight at 6pm. In his time with TVNZ Simon has presented many of the main News and Current Affairs shows, including the critically-acclaimed Agenda in 2005.

Simon Dallow currently holds the position of a Director (DIRECTOR) in ARDEN MANUFACTURING LIMITED and Director (DIRECTOR) in MEARSE HOLDINGS LIMITED.

About time this first class professional douche bag got a mention.

Surely in his line of work a disorderly conduct charge would add to his CV?Dallow, who is the son of Ross Dallow, was educated at Liston College and St Peter's College.He completed his tertiary education at Auckland University, where he studied law.Tourism beckoned and Simon spent the next six years as a freelance tour director, sharing his passion for things European with thousands of tourists from around the world.Since returning to New Zealand in 1993, Simon has been employed by TVNZ as a presenter for ONE News and has anchored programmes right across TVNZ's news and current affairs stable.

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I’ve jut got back from a week offline and surprise, surprise we have a celebrity name suppression case to deal with.

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