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As with many words that began in slang, there is no definitive etymology for jazz.However, the similarity in meaning of the earliest jazz citations to jasm, a now-obsolete slang term meaning spirit, energy, vigor and dated to 1860 in the Historical Dictionary of American Slang, suggests that jasm should be considered the leading candidate for the source of jazz.A new word, like a new muscle, only comes into being when it has long been needed. The day of the "Stage Workers" annual masquerade ball, which is November 23, the stage employes of the city are going to traverse the city led by a genuine and typical "jas band." Just where and when these bands, until this winter known only to New Orleans, originated, is a disputed question.

The Bulletin on April 5, 1913, published an article by Ernest J. The blues are never written into music, but are interpolated by the piano player or other players. Examples in Chicago sources continued over the next year, with the term beginning to extend to other cities by the end of 1916. The first known use in New Orleans, discovered by lexicographer Benjamin Zimmer in 2009, appeared in the New Orleans Times-Picayune on Nov.Jism, or its variant jizz (which, however, is not attested in the Historical Dictionary of American Slang until 1941), has also been suggested as a direct source for jazz.A direct derivation from jism is phonologically unlikely.Deepening the nexus among these words is the fact that "spunk" is also a slang term for semen, and that "spunk"—like jism/jasm—also means spirit, energy, or courage (for example: "She showed a lot of spunk").In the 19th and early 20th centuries, however, jism was still used in polite contexts.

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It is to be hoped that some unintelligent compositor does not spell that the Jag ball. Henderson's jazz ball apparently was not a success, as there are no known further references to it except for a brief mention in the Times the following day.

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