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However, either type can present anywhere on the body.For example a person who suffers from cold sores can pass the herpes type one virus onto their partner's genitals through oral sex.Herpes simplex is diagnosed by taking swabs of the affected area, if ulcers or lesions present.

Typically type one is oral herpes and presents as cold sores on the lips and mouth, while type 2 is often categorised as genital herpes.

Outbreaks are also more common when a woman is on her period.

Those who have regular occurrences can manage the virus in a number of ways, for instant taking daily anti-virals during stressful periods, such as exam times.

The stigma surrounding herpes can be difficult to deal with (but know it's extremely common) Dr Mc Quade says: "There is a stigma around herpes because a person can never say they are herpes free after suffering an outbreak.

Herpes can be very upsetting for people as it is something that a person has little control over.

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You should let your doctor know you have the virus if you are pregnant Although the risk is small, there is a risk genial herpes can be passed on to an infant during delivery.