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(Round your answers to two decimal places.) (a) What is the half-life of the substance?To keep a nuclear power plant going, a chain reaction must be maintained.22,900 17,200 11,500 716 Write a differential equation to model the situation given.The radioactive substance neptunium-139 decays to 73.36% of its orginal amount after 24 hours.What is the frequency (in Hz) and wavelength (in m) of this ...Due to radioactive decay, the amount A of carbon -14 present compared to the initial amount A0 after t years is given by the formula A(t) = A0e^-0.000124t .

Suppose a scientist found a new fossil that indicated it was a primitive mammal.How long would it take for 43% of the original neptunium to be present?In a sample that contains 8.00*10^7 nuclei of 141Cs, how many beta particles per second will be emitted?Last minute assignment that requires me to collect raw data for the class, if anyone at all would be willing to spare a few moments to answer these questions, it would be greatly appreciated.If the half-life of the radioactive material is 1000 years, what is the age of the material?

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What is the rate of decay of the substance after half a year: I first found the derivative of f(t)=3e^-3t which is f'(...

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