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I've tried it all, and through my experiences have figured out seemingly "obvious" things like how a common neighborhood bar is the best place to have a date as long as you can sit close to her.

As you've probably noticed, most of the work in having a great first date is done before you even show up.

I'm also a huge fan off multiples, go for drinks then take her maybe to museum or something, grab a quick bite at a pizzeria etc. It isn't a business transaction between corporates.

lol i don't really think about opening a date, in that much detail, but I also open with a hug and a kiss on the cheek (that's just the guido in me, it happens unconciously). She knows why she's here, she likes me and is attracted to me, and if she's a good girl she's probably getting laid later on. P That's why I don't do restaurants on the first night out. Most PUAs hate that shit, cause you can't really get too physical, during the date.

Plus if you go for drinks make sure you sit next to her and not opposite, it makes kino escalation heaps easier.

I'll take Dinner at Hers or mines on the 2nd outing.

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But the most important thing is to convey that positive bodylanguage and energy from the word go man. 'Cause getting physical there is so goddamn hard, and you can't really escalate. To some people pulling up a chair and sitting next to her would be alil weird unless you've already build enough comfort through text or whatever, leading up to the date. Me myself used to hate it, I always thought that it was a waste of money and time, time that I could've spend better with her.