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New century liquidating trust agreement

ARIS supports the overarching goals of the Congress to curate and organize on a global basis the leading scientific, academic and market knowledge on authentication and to serve as a center of academic excellence on art industry authenticity issues.November 12, 2013 - Mitigating risks in art related financial transactions FINE ART WEALTH MANAGEMENT - Historically, financial institutions have been ill-equipped to address clients investment in art and collectibles, an increasingly large component of clients portfolios, and the unique art market challenges associated with owning, buying, selling, gifting and lending against passion assets.NEWS RELEASE - ARIS is pleased to announce that it will participate on May 10 in a London International Art Industry Forum seminar (co-sponsored by Sothebys Institute of Art, Skates Art Market Research and others), which will bring together global, art market thought-leaders from prominent academic researchers to expert practitioners to discuss in an academic-style round-table format the nature of interpersonal relationships and current or future regulation of individuals and entities operating in the art market. Edwards, Modern and Contemporary art collector, at the 2013 Heckerling conference AUDIOCAST - Robert Edwards collector, ARIS client and guest speaker at ARIS annual luncheon at the Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning in Orlando, Florida discusses as a passionate and seasoned art collector how the lack of regulation and transparency in art transactions creates challenges for collectors and how title insurance has been a cost-effective means for him to eliminate the art market title risks, which have impacted his transactions and the transactions of collector colleagues.November 12, 2012 - Beyond Frida: Major issues facing the international art market in Latin American and beyond NEWS RELEASE - ARIS is pleased to announce that it is sponsoring along with Christies and Herrick and in coordination with the Union Internationale des Avocats a one-day seminar on December 3, 2012 in Mexico City on pressing legal and financial issues in todays Latin American art market.The paper at the link below reviews the fiduciary and public trust issues for the nonprofit community surrounding acquisition governance in the post-Sarbanes-Oxley world and exposures notwithstanding federal and state nonprofit liability immunity laws and museum D&O and E&O insurance policies.April 9, 2013 - Trust and transparency in the art market: Complement or substitute?The conference will address the interests of key art market players, issues relating to art as an alternative asset for institutional investors, legal concerns when buying and holding art as well as advice on how and where to structure an art collection.The program is geared toward bankers, accountants, lawyers and other professionals practicing in the tax, corporate, finance and banking areas with an interest in art investment.

Bodo Sartorius will join ARIS as chief operating officer and senior EU executive effective January 1, 2014. on December 7, 2013 at 2pm at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Hall C auditorium.

Participants discussed competing concepts of authenticity and ownership of fine art and cultural heritage.

January 31, 2014 - Appraisers and the IRSNEWS RELEASE - ARIS is pleased to announce that it will participate in the February 11, 2014, Advanced Issues for Appraisers series "Appraisers and the IRS" sponsored by the Appraisers Association of America at Herrick Feinstein LLP in New York City.

June 24, 2013 - Interview of ARISART AUCTION - Art title insurance insures the policyholders clear legal title to their fine art or important collectibles just like real estate title insurance does when buying a home.

The insurer defends the insured against any title claims and reimburses the full insured value of the work if the claimant succeeds.

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