Marrid dating wives

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Marrid dating wives

Have you every looked at the evolution of religions and wondered if it's possible that Christianity is actually derived from Hinduism (partly the story of Lord Krishna)? Many leading experts believe that not only the name Jesus Christ is a derivative of Lord Krishna, but also, the religion of Christianity might be partially and fully derived from Hinduism!

Once we start comparing Christianity and the teachings of Christ with the life and teaching of Lord Krishna (and Hinduism in general), we immediately start seeing glaring similarities in the two.

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Here are the questions and answers (most recent first): this is not really a period drama but i don't know where else to ask.

It would be naive to assume that these similarities are purely coincidental/circumstantial and that Christianity evolved all by itself to have the name of it's main deity to be exactly the same as one of the Trinity in Hinduism, among other obvious similarities!

Let's analyze some of these similarities - Similarities between Krishna's father Vasudev and Christ's father Joseph - Joseph had eleven brothers (in Matthew's genealogy), meaning they were all 12 brothers.

If you are having trouble identifying a film yourself, simply ask for help.Also, just as in the case of Lord Krishna, Christ's parents (Mary and Joseph) survived in a very similar fashion.Lord Krishna grew up in Vrindavan hidden away from Kansa while Jesus grew up in Egypt in hiding from Herod.maybe a year or so i watched a 1930s-1940s movie that had to do with a women who wasn't interested in men.Have you every noticed the amazingly coincidental similarity between these two names - Jesus Christ and Lord Krishna - and asked yourselves, why the names of two major religious figures in two major religious are exactly the same?

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