Is stephen moyer still dating sookie lucas grabeel who is he dating

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Is stephen moyer still dating sookie

“And can you move your thumb just a little bit towards her nipple?

"She is so clear, and the way that Anna learns lines, for example, is not the way I learn lines," he says. So she can read that piece of paper in your hand, and she’ll be able to quote it back in two full reads of it." In the season premiere of Moyer's Bill has been reborn as a new version of himself after drinking the blood of the first vampire, Lilith.

Dark-haired and deathly pale, he exudes a stillness and controlled intensity. Moyer now boasts legions of female fans in the US, who style themselves 'Moyer’s Maidens’ and 'Bill’s Babes’ (you can buy T-shirts on the latter group’s website that bear the legend sired by bill or yield to me! Meanwhile, his real-life romance with Paquin, the show’s female lead and his on-screen lover, has made the couple a paparazzi target in LA.

His eyes lock with those of waitress Sookie (Anna Paquin), who informs him that they did have some, but no one ordered it, so it went off. When I meet him in August, in a north London cafe close to Hampstead Heath, the contrast with vampire Bill couldn’t be greater. He orders a double espresso with hot milk and buys us both pains aux raisins.

Paquin's Sookie feels that the new Bill is nothing like the Bill she once loved -- and asks him to leave her alone forever.

"Bill has changed so much," says Moyer, thinking back to the season-one Bill, a mysterious vampire who fell in love with human Sookie.

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Stephen Moyer, who stars as vampire Bill Compton on the show, not only returned as a new Bill in the episode, but also directed it.

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