Fake hair and dating

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Fake hair and dating

I’ve also had short hair—like pixie cut short, sometimes even buzzcut short—for the same amount of time.

So when I recently found myself single and on Tinder for the first time, I couldn’t help but wonder (in my best Carrie Bradshaw voice): Do men on dating sites prefer short hair or long hair?

Sure, my head could go up in flames if it came into close contact with any girl carrying a champagne bottle full of lit sparklers, but potential baldness was so small a price to pay for this evening of hair glory.

The great thing is you don’t need to speak any language to be led over to a dark corner for a M. Everyone's got their preferences when it comes to dating.Sometimes these preferences make sense, other times it seems crazy. It's good to try and not take those likes and dislikes too personally.After all, why try and date someone who is obviously not interested?For these men, they have some pretty strong opinions on how they want a woman they date to present herself.

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Yes we are all entitled to our own opinion but I am tired of people, black men in particular, attacking black women who wear weaves as if we are the only race wearing them.

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