Facts about tree ring dating

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Facts about tree ring dating

George Washington's Mount Vernon mansion is the centerpiece of his estate along the Potomac River.Learn more about this remarkable and historic building.

LEARN MORE: TOUR THE INSIDE, ROOM BY ROOM Before Washington began construction work in 1774, he executed a design drawing showing how he intended the west front of the Mansion to look.George Washington began leasing the property in 1754 and although he did not inherit it outright until 1762 , he expanded the house in 1758, raising the roof to make the Mansion two and a half stories high.In 1774, he began to add the north and south wings, the cupola and piazza to create the structure we see today.At 11,028 square feet with two and a half stories and a full cellar, the Mansion dwarfed the majority of dwelling houses in late 18th-century Virginia.Most Virginians lived in one- or two-room houses ranging in size from roughly 200 to 1200 square feet; most of these houses could have fit inside the 24x31 foot New Room.

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George Washington’s father, Augustine Washington, built a modest one and a half story house there in 1734.

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