Double your dating cocky and funny

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Written with a wonderful deadpan humour and sharp dialogue, this is a must for the next Harry Potter generation.

Tom’s mum has left home and he’s being bullied at his smart new school so to cheer him up his hard-up dad finds him a dog, Spider, the unwanted runt of a litter.

This fast-paced detective romp tells the story of brother and sister Annabelle and Harry, whose adored dog, Milly, goes missing so they must race against time to discover who in the neighbourhood is the culprit.

It’s a perfect combination of action adventure and scientific deduction that will inspire children to start picking up stray hairs with tweezers — so be warned.

But as her death day suddenly approaches — a year early — she is kidnapped by a mysterious stranger who whisks her away to Nevermoor where she must face four trials.

Lost and lonely, he encounters some very unusual creatures, from narwhals to arctic foxes, none of whom can help him find his way home. Penguins, snow and Father Christmas — what more could you want in your stocking?!

Luckily, a reindeer takes him to the most northerly house in the world, where a kindly man with a white beard and red trousers knows exactly where he lives, and how to fly him back . Judith Kerr’s Mog stories have enchanted generations of children but now she introduces a new feline character, Katinka, her own fluffy white cat with an unusual tabby tail.

As the English Civil War rages, Makepeace, a young orphaned girl, is claimed as the illegitimate child of the aristocratic Sir Peter Fellmotte.

But the Royalist Fellmottes have a secret — they devour the ghosts of their ancestors to keep the bloodline alive and they want Makepeace only as a vessel to host their evil spirits.

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Harbet experiments with a vivid selection of increasingly eccentric bonnets (far right) but fails to win approval — until one day he bravely does something truly original with surprising and hilarious consequences!