Dating a younger woman with kids

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Dating a younger woman with kids

Amy, who was just 4 when her father died, relies on her sisters for her memories.Before she met the Hargraves, Schuster spent a semester learning everything she could about the terrorist attacks as one of 20 students enrolled in The Rutgers University 9/11 Project.The reading list included texts on narrative storytelling and books on 9/11, including "The Ground Truth," by John Farmer, counsel to the 9/11 Commission, and "Your Father's Choice," by Daniel Zegart and Lyz Glick about the passengers on board United Flight 93, which crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.

The lesson came through three sisters and a snapshot.

Schuster told the sisters they could stop talking if they felt tired or emotionally upset. "If I were have to have something terrible happen to me, I would want to live my life like the Hargraves did," she said. It's not going to go away." Read Megan Schuster's story Untold stories What was it like to lose a mother or father on 9/11? To be an emblem of one of the worst events in recent U. Many resent the media for relentlessly bombarding them with the images of their parents' deaths.

"You can pick up the pieces, and even though there are a couple of pieces missing, you can hold yourself together and not have something bad stop you from living your life. Kids who lose a parent to cancer or a car accident don't have to share it with the world, much less see it replayed over and over on television.

Later, when she talked to him at his dorm room in Maryland, he was more animated, even if he seemed incredibly sad. Schuster arrived for lunch and stayed until dinner.

Pat was engaged in the conversation, and the family's closeness and good humor was evident. Not only did the Hargrave sisters share their story without reservation, they taught her lessons in love, dignity and resilience. Those are among the lingering questions of the tragedy because the stories of the children of September 11 have been so difficult to tell.

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After all, the press association founded the university's journalism school in the 1920s.

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